Interested in an install? Your new system may qualify for a rebate!

National Grid offers rebates for certain high efficiency systems. Please note that rebates are subject to change and we cannot guarantee that there will not be adjustments.

Wondering how the process works? While we will fill out the rebate for you, free of charge, click down below to learn more about the rundown--including what systems can qualify, what information we will need from you, and the lead time for rebates!

Piggy Bank

Looking to save a dime? Check out our VIP Savings Program!

By signing up for this yearly plan, you can save a few dollars off an annual inspection for your system! Our VIP Savings Program is not a contract and can save you money by offering you additional discounts. This plan is non-binding and costs no additional fee to join.

To find out if your system qualifies, click down below!

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