air quality

Air Quality


During the cold season, while your home may feel warm from a heating system it may actually be drying out the air indoors. Due to the heat, the humidity (or amount of water vapor in the air) can drastically decrease. This lack of vapor can result in health issues, such as developing dry skin or a dry throat. Although small dehuhumidifiers midifiers can relieve some of these problems, they are limited by the capacity of air they can reach.

These repercussions are not limited to heating systems either. In the summer, central air units could increase the amount of humidity in your home. Plug-in dehumidifiers do not really solve the problem either. This excess amount of vapor in the air could affect those with breathing complications, and even serves as a potential breeding ground for mold within the home. (To learn more, click here.)

In order to balance the humidity of your home, we at CMAGS HVAC recommend you get your air quality tested!

Our air quality tests are free of charge, utilizing the report system from Air Advice to give you beneficial feedback as well as recommendations for steps you can take to either increase or decrease your home’s humidity. Your system(s) will also be inspected to determine its eligibility of installing a dehumidifier or humidifier onto the unit directly. Give us a call today at (401)-862-4998 to get your air quality tested!

We install humidifiers and dehumidifiers onto central air units and gas furnace systems.