Interested in our VIP Service Program?


Interested in our VIP program? By signing a contract with us, you:

  • Instantly become a priority customer
  • Receive improved capacity + efficiency
  • Get extended equipment life
  • Get 24 hr emergency service**
  • Are given a discounted standard water heater replacement
  • Receive a 1 year warranty on labor + parts
  • Receive a 20% discount on all repairs
  • Will get $95.00 Dispatch fee for ALL calls (including overtime & weekend calls)!

In addition, as a VIP member you are eligible for our discounted prices!

In order to qualify for our VIP Program, your system must be inspected and deemed eligible by one of our HVAC technicians.  

**"Extreme emergency services" are based on the discretion of Cmags HVAC Inc.


Become a VIP member at CMAGS HVAC today!