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Chris "Cmags" Cimaglio, had been a technician for various companies and was a longtime employee of Carjon before deciding to start his own HVAC company.  

Today, we are a well established team, comprised of hard working people.  Our mission is to bring you the best possible service, tailored to your HVAC needs, at the best possible price.

Cmags HVAC Inc, has consistently delivered top notch services in heating and cooling and we promise to continue bringing comfort to our customer's homes.


The Boss


Christopher Cimaglio

President, Estimator, Lead Installer and Technician

Christopher "Cmags" Cimaglio is the President and Owner of Cmags HVAC Inc.  He received his HVAC certification from NEIT in 1994 and has since attended many trainings and classes to obtain licenses and certifications to better serve his customers.  

Licenses and Certifications:
EPA Certified
Master Piper Fitters II license

Master Refrigeration II license
Carbon Monoxide Analyst Certified
QIV Certified

The Technicians


Elijah B.

Lead Installer

Elijah is an experienced HVAC installer and we are proud to have him as our lead installer here at Cmags. He is a family man and enjoys spending time with his children and family when he's not working out in the field. Elijah's long term goal is to run his own HVAC company.


Chris C.



Shawn T.

Lead Service Technician

Shawn is our lead service technician. He previously worked as an auto mechanic for Mercedes Benz and has grown immensely in his time here at Cmags HVAC. Shawn is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time outdoors when he isn't working hard to diagnose and repair our customers hvac systems. 

The office

head shot.png

Kelcey H.

Chief Operations Officer

Kelcey took over as C.O.O. of Cmags HVAC in October of 2021. She is a highly motivated individual with a diverse background. Kelcey has an Associates Degree in Business, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and worked in accounting at Bank of America previously. Currently, aside from running things here at Cmags, she is also a realtor and coaches competitive gymnastics. Kelcey has said her favorite part of working at Cmags HVAC is supporting the employees to achieve their goals in and outside of work as well as ensuring that we have a positive work environment  with a healthy work-life balance.

sarah-c (1).jpg

Sarah C.

Administrative Manager

Sarah has been part of the Cmags team since September 2019, first as our Administrative Assistant and was promoted to Administrative Manager in 2022. She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and worked as a teacher and nanny for many years prior to joining Cmags HVAC. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys music, reading and spending time out in nature.


Kendra F.

Administrative Assistant

Kendra graduated from Johnson & Wales in 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree. She worked as a chef in many high-end restaurants locally and in California. She came back to live in RI in 2021 to be closer to her family when she was expecting her son. Kendra joined the Cmags team that same year and has been a crucial part of our office staff since.

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