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heat pumps & mini splits

What is a Dual System?

Over recent years more and more of our customers are installing heat pumps and mini split systems. Compared to installing a furnace and/or central air unit, these ductless systems can be installed without disruption and in a shorter amount of time. They are also more cost-efficient by running on electricity, not relying on fluctuating gas and oil prices. Supplying both cool air and heat, heat pumps and mini split systems are perfect for customizing the temperature of each room they are located in. 

Interested in installing a new system? At CMAGS HVAC, we've got you covered! Call today and schedule an appointment for an estimate, free of charge and non-binding. A licensed estimator will work with you to give you the best option for your home.

Afterwards, once you wish to proceed with our estimate, our wonderful office staff will schedule follow-up appointments for you (one being a final layout appointment, and the other being the installation). 

We offer yearly maintenance for mini-split systems also, this includes a deep clean of each unit!

Yearly Mini-Split Inspection cost:

$259.00 per condenser (outdoor unit)

$99.00/each indoor head (excluding the first one)

We install and service mini split systems and heat pumps.

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