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Estimates & Installations 



Looking for a new furnace or an update? At CMAGS HVAC, we've got you covered! Call today and schedule an appointment for an estimate, free of charge and non-binding. A licensed estimator will work with you to give you the best option for your home.


Afterwards, once you wish to proceed with our estimate, our wonderful office staff will schedule follow-up appointments for you (one being a final layout appointment, and the other being the installation). 



Inspections & Maintenance


A common question we get from customers is “Are annual heating inspections really necessary?” At CMAGS HVAC, we always say yes! Annual maintenance not only aids in preventing possible costly repairs, but also provides peace of mind knowing that your heat will work as it should this season.

For our heating services, we offer yearly heat inspections and maintenance to check up on your system. These inspections include checking the heating system itself and all of its additional parts, cleaning the motor and fan & the internal area of your furnace, inspecting the duct work and piping, and much more! 

*At this time, we are unable to service oil or propane systems.



heat inspection Procedure Includes:

  • Check inside the combustion portion of your heating system to ensure proper air to fuel mixture, which allows your system to operate efficiently and safely

  • Inspect the flues and vents - any inadequacy can cause safety or efficiency problems

  • Examine safety devices (temperature switches, pilots, safety switches etc.)

  • Check the heat exchanger - Poor heat exchange results in poor heat efficiency.

  • Look over the air-filter (forced-air heating systems) - Dirty filters can reduce the efficiency in forced-air heating system. Lack of a filter can cause system failure.

  • Clean the motor and fan (forced-air heating systems), as well as the internal area of the furnace

  • Inspect duct work and piping

  • Test the furnace and function of the thermostat

Heating Inspections start at $159.00 per system!

OIL-to-gas conversion

Have an oil furnace and looking to make the switch? At CMAGS HVAC, we can also perform oil-to-gas conversions! This process typically consists of first calling a National Grid representatives to ensure natural gas lines can reach your home, then calling us to schedule an estimate. In converting you may even qualify for a rebate.

Per National Grid, "Heating with natural gas is typically more affordable than heating with oil or propane. Not only that, but today’s natural gas furnaces have higher heating efficiency, so they may reduce your carbon emissions along with your energy bills." (Check out more on their website).


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